Let me start by being completely honest.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get on the A.T. but meanwhile, increasing fitness level continues.  I am using the revolving stairs-type stairclimber at the gym and recently (believe it or not!) have started to jog/run again.  And even more miraculous than starting the jogging again is that my knees are not acting up about it — or the stair climbing either for that matter.  Yes, still doing many reps of squats, lunges, deadlifts, dead rows, cleans and overhead presses with about 35#’s on a bar.  It’s a class, to music and hardly any breaks either.  Add to that lists the other things we do in that class like chest presses, tricep and bicep stuff and anything else you can do with weights — lots of functional stuff too.

The weight is now down into around the mid-130’s.  That represents a BMI of 24% correlating to a body fat number of approximately 33%.  So that’s definitely easier on the knees–the weight loss.

I haven’t blogged here in ages, but I’ve not had anything to report really.  I mostly go to the gym and walk around the neighborhood.  Need to get on our local 5-mile hiking trail soon — it contains hills.  I think the ole’ bod will handle the whole thing better now.

And when I get o that stair climber, I try to visualize myself hiking up a steep hill. 🙂  Oh, and by the way, if you ever see someone at the gym using that thing, just know it looks easier than it is.  That thing really gets your heart rate up there in a very short time.  There’s Jacob’s Ladder at the gym too but I haven’t given that a try yet.  Will post if I do.  LOL  PS  don’t hold your breath.

Not much more to report on this end.  Maybe if I keep posting, someone who reads this will want a hiking partner.  I do things alone most all of the time –pretty independent that way. But I’m thinking that hiking the A.T. would be a big exception.  I don’t have all that much time left since I’m to be 71 this year, 2018.  Can’t believe I’m that old.  Oh, I am including a recent photo of me and my youngest granddaughter here.

Hope your hiking dreams come true . . .

that’s it for now. 🙂





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