Trail Angel and Catching Up  <— that’s my first bit to share.  I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve been around!  H

Dawn and Me JJ's 18th
My daughter has started hiking!  Maybe someday she will hike the AT, if I never make it

aven’t blogged here in what seems like ages!
But back to first things first.  The link above is one that I completely enjoyed about finding peace on the AT.  If you have a moment to view it, you may enjoy it as much as I did.  It came through on my Facebook page.

Now.  Hiking hasn’t happened for a while.  I’ve been having exercise asthma issues.  Fine until I get into about 15 min. of outdoor walking or about the same amount of time indoors on the treadmill.  I’m going to blame it on the cold, dry weather and my age but I’m sure that the smoker next door’s 2nd hand smoke doesn’t help!

As soon as I get a whiff of her poison, I open a window even if it’s 20 degrees just to let some air in to balance.  When she puts on her central heat unit, I smell her smoke even more so I’m sure she smokes inside and outside both.  When the wind whips up and she’s outdoors sucking in the poison, it blows right on in as if she’s standing in my living room.

I’ve spoken to her numerous times and the rental office too which is like talking to the wall, but for the fact that I’m assured of moving into another unit (away from the smoker) as soon as one should open up.

I’ve hiked maybe 3 times since my last post here but

it’s been difficult to find a day when it wasn’t either raining or melting snow or unbearably windy with a windchill in the teens and with my need for an inhaler before my regular workouts, I do feel a bit concerned about being stuck out there alone in the woods and unable to get my breath.

I’m spending time focused on my grandson’s scholarships and going to the local gym to work out.  I keep trying to jog again which my 68 year old body gets angry–or at least my knees do!   (and yeah, I’m overweight too and should loose about 30 pounds and then try running again)  But I got this idea since I was feeling great to give it a whirl without stretching first.  I did a 20 min. interval run/walk session followed by a 30-min. spin bike interval session and figured my knee would adapt.  It didn’t.

I’ve now missed 4 days in a row with no workout and I’m limping. No amount of ibuprofen, ice, heat or stretching has alleviated it completely although each day it’s better. Its musculature in nature (or tendons) rather than joint related — I’m thinking hamstrings and IT band both are affected.

I have not given up on hiking or spending time in the woods.  If my own psychic prediction is correct, something is going to hit the fan with the smoker in late March or April.  if not, I will resume looking for other options again.  I turned something down because of the extended drive and hope that something will happen to change this situation.

I do NOT really WANT to move by my health is important to me!  meanwhile, I do what I can to protect myself and i have words with her on occasion which produce a positive result for a short time and then like a child, goes right back to her disregard for others.

I’ve not lost any weight and maybe have added a few pounds–I’m too disheartened about it at the moment to even get on the scale.  This weekend would have been perfect for hiking and if nothing else my interest in hiking has gotten one of my daughters into hiking whenever she can!!  She and my granddaughter plan a hike tomorrow and it frustrates me that my knee is in no shape for the challenge.  In fact, I walked around Wal Mart today and my knee was yelling at me to quit by the time I got to the checkout.

Here’s something pretty pathetic — the day after the knee injury I got my trekking poles out of the trunk to help myself get from room to room inside here without pain.  Ridiculous!  right?

I feel certain this is only temporary and have lectured myself about trying to jog and to be happy with what I am able to do which is quite a lot really.

I have added a photo of my hiking daughter onto this blog post who is sitting next to me.

I have recently received two hiking gifts... one is a compass; a really nice one which it took me a number of youtube videos to figure out how to use.  I’ve got the basic layout of the thing but there’s more to learn.

And the other is a headlamp — one of my last hikes was a little exciting at the end when the sun set so fast and the trail was getting really hard to see!  So happy to have those items to add to my little day pack along with …. wait for it!


There are better days and more hiking ahead!  Hope you are doing well hiking friend! 🙂

Oh, and don’t forget this video:  I hope that’s the right link.  If its about a Trail Angel, then it’s the right one.


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