Hiking with Irony

Lake Hike Collage 10-9-15Irony:  A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

It was supposed to be an awesome hike but that’s what expectations will do for us sometimes.  Trip us right up, they do!  I hadn’t hiked in well over a week due to day after day of continuous rain. I gave the trail most of the week this past week to dry out and went early in the day, hoping to avoid as many humans as possible.  I just really wanted to be alone that day more than I usually would.  Yet, as irony, my invisible hiking partner would have it, this was not in the cards or written in the stars.

The percentage of loud voiced people that shouted in the sacred silence of the woods was high yesterday, and Irony was fulfilled by that I’m sure.  I did my best not to be irked.

The trekking poles seemed a bit more natural in my hands yesterday and sometimes I’d like to have been rid of them on the flats but when there were hills or the trail was rocky, I was glad to have them.  Mr. Smart-ass Irony probably smirked at that one too.  But I consoled myself knowing that my arms were getting the benefit of exercise too.  

The overall effort yesterday was physically easier than prior hikes and I really don’t think this had anything to do with the trekking pole assist.   Maybe hiking with greater ease had to do with my efforts at the gym, putting the treadmill at the highest hill setting.  That last mile wasn’t as difficult either but it was plenty challenging nonetheless.  When I need to stop to catch a breath, I glance at my heart rate monitor and it reads well into the 160’s (beats per min.) which is well over and above my maximum heart rate for my age.  I stop for about 30 seconds to recover and plug away again.  I smirked right back at Irony knowing that this was an indication of improvement.  Take that!  

Perhaps there’s a defect in my psyche but I do not prefer companionship but for nature, preferring the woods to be the comforting partner because of the silence that is offered–a rare commodity when living in a city around so many obnoxious humans.

We all have times, I suppose, when we’re thankful not to be alone but those times for me are rare, yet significant and usually associated with my family.

Having some irksome human encounters this past week and letting those get to me (despite my best efforts not to) is what attracted Irony as my companion yesterday.  But as they say, even a bad day in the woods on the trail is better than a good day anywhere else.

The lake and the trees absorbed my sorrows and as I sat upon Mother Earth, I asked for transmutation, releasing tears of frustration.  I tried to smile my best in that photo (above) after a good cry.

PS-  Time for each of the 5 miles (recorded for my own reference mostly and I was walking at a comfortable pace;not trying to hurry) was as follows:

26 min., 26 min., 28 min., 29 min., 29 min.  = total time:  2 hrs. 18 min.

The breezes were nice but the humidity high and in the low 80’s.  The humidity was justifiably high yesterday since today it has been pouring rain non-stop.  And, looking at current radar, it appears that the whole state is covered in rain with what looks like even more on the way.

LAST THOUGHT:  The next time we are in a rainy spell, I’m going to hike in the rain and mud anyway! Because even if I slide and get all muddy, that (to me) is preferred to a loud noisy crowd on the trail.


2 thoughts on “Hiking with Irony

  1. Hiking in the rain is quite beautiful. I make myself do it every once in a while because once I am in the woods, in the rain, all of my senses come alive. No thunderstorms! I’ve done that too…but that was while backpacking so I didn’t have a choice! A bit terrifying! 🙂

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